Powerflex 5


Blues, Rockabilly, Punk Rock, Surf Music

Friday, February 2nd & Saturday, February 3rd
10PM | FREE | 21&up


Powerflex 5 is the brainchild of legendary pro skater Steve Alba along with his good friends master tattoist Corey Miller,and guitar tech to the stars Mr.Tracy Robar.They started the band after each one of their respective bands had lead singer drama.The initial gathering consisted of bashing all lead singers and swearing off of a vocalist.........instrumental madness would reign.
Our guitars will sing the melodies.
Think Link Wray meets a punk rock girl and had a bastard child.....that is Powerflex 5.

Asked to describe the Powerflex sound, Mr. Alba relates that he loves of all genres of great Americana music.
I like to call our music "Electric Gumbo", Salba conveys.

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