Saturday, April 21st

Post-Neanderthal Analogue Synthesists

10PM | FREE | 21&up


We begin in the year 2008 with Josh, Dan and Brian. Three unassuming, well mannered and fun-loving fellows from a town near the sea. Regressed, mutated and collectively known as Fartbarf, they somehow bring us all into the future, captivating audiences with relentless melodies, robotically tight rhythms, and danceable beats by use of a strict limitation of tools at hand; vintage analog synthesizers, vocoders, drum machines, analog modular systems, and live drums.

Fartbarf Manifesto:
1. Set public expectations low, but keep internal standards high.
2. Attempt only to please yourself – if others choose like it, so be it.
3. Avoid all trends. Nothing good ever comes from following them.
4. Create what others cannot easily duplicate (and probably would't want to anyway).
5. Everything fun mustn't always be Fartbarf, but everything Fartbarf must always be fun.


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