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Rafters is the premier venue for live music in Mammoth, featuring national and regional touring artists - roots, rock, reggae, funk, hip hop, bluegrass and more in the Lounge.  With Rafter's inviting setting, great food and drinks, and lively atmosphere, this is the place to be in Mammoth Lakes.


No Pants Party | Friday, January 17

Grass | Saturday, January 18

Jam Sessions w/BoyzNthaWoodz | Thursday, January 23

Renegades of Rage | Friday, January 24 + Saturday, January 25

Jam Sessions w/Pidder Padder | Thursday, January 30

Jam Sessions w/Cassie B | Thursday, February 13

Afroman | Sunday, February 16

Blackr Sabbath | Saturday, March 13


Jason King

Weekly Entertainment Schedule

THURSDAYS | Winter Jam Sessions with Live Bands Every Thursday



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  • Friday, January 17th

    • No Pants Party
      Featuring: Plus DJ Justin Staley + DJ RodneyO
      10pm - Close
  • Saturday, January 18th

    • Grass
      Featuring: Blues & Rock
      10pm - Close
  • Thursday, January 23rd

    • Jam Sessions w/BoyzNthaWoodz
      Featuring: Hip Hop, Funk Hybrid
      10pm - Close
  • Friday, January 24th & Saturday, January 25th

    • Renegades of Rage
      Featuring: Rage Against the Machine Tribute Band
      10pm - Close
  • Thursday, January 30th

    • Jam Sessions w/Pidder Padder
      Featuring: Top Hits
      10pm - Close
  • Thursday, February 13th

    • Jam Sessions w/Cassie B
      Featuring: Top 40 Hits
      10pm - Close
  • Sunday, February 16th

    • Afroman
      Featuring: Hip Hop
      10pm - Close
  • Saturday, March 14

    • Blackr Sabbath
      Featuring: Black Sabbath Tribute Band
      10pm - Close
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